Describes physical power, melee prowess, carrying capacity, etc.
Describes speed, evasiveness, coordination, etc.
Describes hardiness, fortitude, survivability, etc.
Describes memory, critical thinking, education, etc.
Describes perception, intuition, judgement, etc.
Describes leadership, charm, prominence, etc.
Withstand poison, disease, or exhaustion
Dodge sudden perils or explosions
Resist psychic influence or mind-bending technology
Available skills:
Psionic Effort: 0/0

1. Determine attributes

Six attributes—Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma—describe the raw potential of your hero. Select one of the methods below to assign your character's attribute scores.

Roll 3d6 for each attribute. You may then change one attribute's score to 14.
Assign attribute scores from the following list:
14, 12 11, 10, 9, 7.
Assign scores from dropdown menus right of the attribute block above.

These attribute scores influence your hero's chances of success when employing their skills and abilities. When making a roll to perform a task, add the modifier (Mod) of the most applicable attribute to the result.

Variant rules

Some play groups prefer alternatives methods for generating attribute scores than those presented in the offical rules. Here are some possible variations

Random & Reorder
Roll 3d6 six times, then assign rolls to attributes in any order. You may then change one score to 14.
Assign attribute scores manually.
Enter scores into the attribute block above.

2. Choose background

Pick the background from the list below that most closely reflects your hero’s past experiences. You gain rank-0 competency in the listed Free Skill , which equates to an ordinary working knowledge.

3. Determine skills

Once you pick a background, your hero gains several skills associated with their past. The Growth and Learning Tables to the right encapsulate the possible abilities their background can confer.

Select one of the methods below to determine these skills.

Your hero gains an additional non-psychic skill reflecting their natural talents or outside interests. Select this skill directly on the skill table at the top of the page.

Roll three times between the Growth and Learning Tables.

Roll up to three times, dividing your rolls between the Growth and Learning Tables as you wish.

Some entries in the Growth Table may read “+2 Physical” or “+2 Mental”; if these are selected, add two points to a physical (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution) or mental (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma) attribute, accordingly. Alternatively, you can add one point to two different physical or mental attributes.

Roll on Growth Table
Roll on Learning Table
Pick two skills from the Learning Table.

Select any two options from the Learning Table above except for "Any Skill." You cannot pick entries from the Growth Table.

If you’re not sure what to pick, just take the Quick Skills listed for your background, which include your background’s Free Skill.

4. Choose class

Choose your hero's class, representing their talents most relevant to adventuring. If your hero isn’t well-described as a Warrior, Expert, or Psychic, you can mix class abilities by choosing one of the Adventurer varieties.

5. Choose foci

Choose your hero's foci, representing their side talents or particular specializations. All characters gain one focus of their choice at first level.

Characters with the Expert class or the Partial Expert feature of the Adventurer class get an additional non-psychic, non-combat focus; characters with the Warrior class or Partial Warrior feature of the Adventurer class can do the same with a non-psychic, combat focus.

Foci contain two levels of advancement, representing different degrees of expertise your hero can attain. Selecting a focus once confers the abilities described under Level 1. If your character's class allows for multiple selections, this focus can be chosen again to confer the additional benefits under Level 2.

6. Choose psionic techniques

Characters with Psychic class or the Partial Psychic feature of the Adventurer class gain techniques associated with the psionic disciplines in which they are proficient.

Upon attaining rank-0 expertise in a psychic skill, your hero automatically learns the Core Technique for that discipline. The power of that technique is described under Level-0.

Heroes that reach rank-1 expertise in a psychic skill gain the benefits listed under Level-1 of its Core Technique. Additionally, characters may select a level-1 technique from that discipline as well.

Select psychic skills on the skill table above to gain psionic techniques.

7. Roll hit points

Your hero's hit points represent their overall health, stamina, and luck. If brought to zero hit points, your hero is defeated; whether they are dead, dying, unconscious, or merely incapacitated depends on how their hit points are lost.

To determine your hero's maximum hit points, roll 1d6 and add your Constitution modifer to the result. Warrior characters and Adventurers with the Partial Warrior class option add two points to this total.

No penalty can reduce your maximum hit points below one.

Roll hit points




8. Choose equipment

Your hero begins their adventure with some equipment and (modest) wealth.

Choose one of the equipment packages below. Selecting the "Custom" package provides your character with 2d6 x 100 starting credits with which to buy gear.

9. Add finishing touches

Your hero is more than just a block of stats. Flesh out your character by filling out the following information.

Choose an attribute bonus.
Choose two attribute bonuses (the same attribute can be increased twice).
Bonus 1

Bonus 2
Choose two attribute bonuses (the same attribute can be increased twice).
Bonus 1

Bonus 2
Choose one of the following skills.
Choose one of the following skills.

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